Enid Hawes RIP

It is with much regret that I convey the sad news that Enid Hawes passed away last night, following a protracted heart condition.

For more than 25yrs, there will have been few new-comers to North Perrott who could have survived more than a few days without coming into contact with Enid.  Secretary of the Hoskyns Memorial Hall for longer than anyone can remember and a member of the Parish Council for nearly as long, Enid was involved at some level with almost all village activities.  She had recently initiated village celebrations to commemorate VE day.  This would have been (at least) the third street party that she would have overseen and sadly, because of the current restrictions, is now unlikely to take place. 

Since just before Christmas, Enid had to slow down her physical activities but still managed to fill my inbox with a stream of observations and suggestions about village life.  Sometimes forceful, always constructive, Enid didn’t only express strong views but was prepared to act out her suggestions and got things done.

It is difficult at any time to lose a valued family member but under current restrictions, it will be an extra blow that we cannot immediately celebrate Enid’s contribution to our community in an appropriate manner, .

Until that is possible, please remember Enid in your thoughts and I would like to convey sincere condolences to Samantha, Stacey, Stefan and Enid’s entire extended family, on behalf of all presently involved (and have ever been involved) in both the Hoskyns Memorial Hall management committee and the North Perrott Parish Council.

JONATHAN HOSKYNS, Chairman – North Perrott Parish Council

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