HGVs 20’s Plenty

A Campaign to protect the heritage buildings in our village

Campaign Aims:-

  1. To ensure that the 18t weight restriction on the bridge at Misterton is lifted as soon as possible.
  2. To reduce the damage being caused by the large increase in HGVs being diverted through North Perrott while the weight limit is in place, by reducing their speed to 20mph.
  3. To formulate a plan for the future, that will encourage a sensible diversion for traffic around North Perrott and Misterton.

The recent restriction of 18 tonnes on the bridge at the Globe Inn, Misterton has diverted a large number of HGV’s through North Perrott. While we are used to a regular number of heavy vehicles, the huge increase was immediately noticeable to owners of listed buildings that line both sides of the main road in the village. The increase in noise and vibration has manifest itself in a sudden increase in the number of cracks in the plaster on roadside walls, including small pieces actually falling off (see photos). Most of these heritage buildings are built on 15th century foundations, which are not able to withstand the constant impact of passing HGVs.

This is exacerbated because the A3066 is relatively straight for the length of the village and lorries are able to travel at 30mph, as opposed to the neighbouring villages, were parked vehicles and infant schools mean that 20mph is the maximum allowed.

HGVs 20’s Plenty campaign is requesting transport companies to ask their drivers to reduce their speed through the village and help to reduce the damage to our older houses, especially while there are so many extra lorries being diverted through the village.

We also want to keep up pressure on Somerset County Council and their Highways contractors so that they know that any delays to repair the bridge are having a detrimental effect along the diversion route, as well as costing transport companies time, money and extra mileage to their vehicles.

Our Campaign

So far….

We have put up two 8ft x 3ft banners at each end the village and another in the centre.

We then wrote to over 25 local transport companies explaining what the consequences are concerning the extra HGV movements through the village and the importance of getting the bridge in Misterton repaired as soon as possible (there are examples of their replies below).

Our village Speed Watch group is now also monitoring the speed of HGVs, as well as speeding cars. HGVs that are still travelling at over 20mph will receive a polite letter explaining our problems and asking them to comply with our voluntary 20mph limit for lorries.

They have already noticed that the average speed of HGV’s have dropped. An indication that our message is reasonable and that drivers are taking heed of our request.

We hope to have coverage on local radio, newspapers and on social media to keep up the pressure on Somerset County Council and their contractors to mend the bridge as soon as reasonably possible.

“I will put a notice up for our Drivers in the Traffic office to ask that they reduce their speed to 20mph”

Pattemore’s Transport Ltd

“Thank you for your letter dated 20/11/2020 highlighting the speed watch not exceeding the 20mph limit. We will copy the letter and hand out to all our drivers and ask them to drive carefully and stick to the rules. Any problems please do call us.”

R W Prince Ltd & Podimore Recycling Ltd

“I will inform our drivers of the voluntary 20mph speed restriction and ask them to comply”

J B Wheatons & Sons Ltd

Photos and maps.