The hamstone pillars at the entrance to the Manor Drive have been seriously damaged by a lorry.

The damage is thought to ave happened in the last week or so but did not come to light until a few days ago.

The pillars, which are Grade 2 listed, were designed by TH Wyatt in 1877 and formed the entrance to North Perrott Manor, which was designed and built at the same time.

The left hand pillar has been twisted at the base and will need completely dismantling and rebuilding to complete the repair.

If anyone saw the damage taking place, please contact Mrs Judith Hall at the Manor Farm. She is anxious to know the name of the person or business that was resposible for the damage.


At 11am there will be an Act of Remembrance on the Village Green. A wreath will be laid at the Village War Memorial and 2 minutes silence will be observed.

Preceding the Act of Remembrance, there will be Service of Remembrance at St.Martin’s Church at 10am, Sunday 13th November.

Let us remember with gratitude those who, in the cause of peace and in the service of their fellow men, died for their county in time of war, especially those from North Perrott.

G. Bishop, H. Dabinett, G.C.Elson, J. Osborne, A.G. Saint and J.Saint,



For the third time in almost as many weeks, there has been another incidence of a serious attack of sheep which has resulted in the loss of valued animals.

Two occurances were in Hardington Marsh and last night at the Manor Farm, North Perrott.

In all cases, dogs are the chief suspect and all incidences are reported as having taken place overnight.

Please report on 999 if you see a dog attack on stock or if you witness evidence of people “working” dogs at night.

When walking on farmland, please keep your dogs under close control and in sight at all times. An alarming rise in dogs attacking sheep in the North Perrott, Haselbury and Hardington areas has been reported over the last few years and the Police are involved in trying to aprehend those responsible.


North Perrott Defibrillator is located in East Street.

The village defibrillator was reported missing this morning.

It was last checked only a few days ago as being present and correct.

Does anyone know if it was used legitimately in the last few days?

If so, there’s no panic and I’m sure it will be returned in good time.

Otherwise, it will be reported lost and the Parish Clerk will have to make an insurance claim.

In the meantime, everyone (including me) will have to be careful to keep taking their pills!

Hopefully there will be a logical explanation and it will be returned safely…….

A National Moment of Reflection

Those wishing to reflect on the momentous events happening at the moment and mark the selfless service of Queen Elizabeth II during her reign, are invited to gather on the village green at 7.45pm this Sunday 18th Sept.

A minute’s silence of National Reflection will be observed at 8pm followed by the National Anthem.

The Queen is dead. Long live the King!


Readers may remember that back in January, Wessex Internet had promised to start work in North Perrott this summer. In February, they confirmed that this was their intention and although they continue to make enquiries around the village, there is still no sign of action. In an email last week, they say that their plans have changed and they will be connecting East Chinnock and Haselbury before North Perrott. I think this means that a connection in 2022 is now unlikely and they have not replied to my enquiry about an approximate start date.

However, you may have noticed vans from Jurassic-Fibre have been parked around the village over the last few weeks. This is definately a case of no buses for ages and then two arrive at the same time!

If you are interested in superfast broadband, please register your interest on both websites and the fastest company to the village will win!



Both companies have slightly different pricing structures that can be viewed on their websites.

The basic package from Wessex Internet is £30 per month for 100mbps and Jurassic-Fibre is £35 per month for 150mbps. However, Jurassic-Fibre have an introductory offer of just £20 per month for the first 12 months.

It seems crazy that two companies are independantly vying to install fibre in North Perrott when there is already a dedicated connection here. However, Jurassic-Fibre appears to be able to use the BT infrastructure, while Wessex Internet is laying it’s own cables underground. Having a bit of competition might speeds things up.

You can register your interestest with both companies by entering your postcode on their website…….PLEASE!



Many thanks to Pip Oxenbury Chairman of the Hoskyns Memorial Hall committee, his wife Angie, and his merry band of helpers.  Many hands make light work and they villagers were out in force to make the Street Party a great success.  Special thanks to Alastair and Martyn for ensuring safety and efficiency during the afternoon.

151 villagers and guests were entertained.

The afternoon started well with dry weather, a Royal Toast and Robson James keeping everyone informed and entertained through the PA system. 

View more pictures by Angus Pigott

Everyone brought their own picnics and mingled while playing games and the judging of the crown’s.  Tea and cake was served at 2pm.

Outdoor skittles was set up in the dry.

The onset of drizzle didn’t stop the team skittles starting and as the competition got underway, the heavens opened.  Competition between the teams was fierce and inevitably, the result was decided with a 3way skittle off.  Martyn Oliver won the day for Pip’s team.  A well deserved victory.

Rain did not stop play. Skittles went on in the rain until Pip’s team were declared the winners.

Despite the wet end, spirits remainder high and willing helpers tidied everything away quickly and Church Lane was reopened on time.

NP to be Featured on Points West

UPDATE – Link to Points West Lunchtime News. HGV segment is at the end. Points West, Lunchtime News: 26/05/2022: via @bbciplayer

Yesterday, the Points West camera was filming in North Perrott and with luck, today’s bulletin will feature a segment about the problem of HGVs passing through Somerset villages, the damage they do and the potential solutions to address what might happen in the future. Points West can be found on BBC1 and airs at Breakfast, at 1.30pm and again at 6.30pm. Edits do happen between each edition but can also be found on BBC iplayer.

A few days ago, Points West ran a segment about the volume of HGVs using the B3092 between Frome and the A303 and passing through Maiden Bradley in the process.  The correct trunk route for lorries not having business on the B3092 is the A350.  Maiden Bradley experiences over 25 HGVs per hour at peak times.

After this segment ran, the BBC was contacted by a number of Town and Parish Councils proclaiming similar problems, Cllr Allan Edwards from North Perrott among them.  Unsurprisingly, every village in the country has a similar problem but there is a national framework of trunk roads but is the time to ensure that transport companies are ensuring their drivers use it?

Each village featured has slightly different problems and solutions.  Maiden Bradley appears an open and shut case for a weight limit to force lorries onto the approved trunk road A350.  The bulk of the HGVs appear to be transporting quarry stone from the Mendips to the A303, enroute to a final destination. 

The SID is building real time data that can be used to target a reduction in average speeds.

This is slightly different to North Perrott.  The official trunk road alternative to using the A3066 is the A37.  Unfortunately, a weight limit for North Perrott would most likely force heavy traffic to use the A356 and end up going through Misterton, adding further misery to their existing traffic problems.  Past surveys have shown that almost all lorries on the A3066 and A356 have business on these routes and so a weight limit would have little effect on moving lorries to the A37.  It is some time since the last HGV survey to establish what percentage of lorries are using our village as a short cut. The Parish Council has already written to the new Somerset County Council to request a new survey is taken as soon as possible. This will allow us to focus on how to best relieve traffic volumes in the future.

So far, the only long term solution that has been aired during Crewkerne Area planning meetings is for a link road between the A356 at Crewkerne Railway Station and the A3066 at the railway bridge near the junction with Silverstreet in Misterton. The road would run on the northern side of the railway, providing a bypass for for lorries to avoid both Misterton and North Perrott & Haselbury. The only problem being that it would need to be funded by developers, and that provides additional problems. It wouldn’t necessarily need development along the route but it would needed to be funded by development somewhere in the Crewkerne area. This is unlikely to happen any time soon, so for the moment, the aim is to keep this solution in the Crewkerne Area agenda and hope that like the CLR, it eventually bears fruit.

New Village Gateways are planned for this summer.

In the meantime, the NPPC will continue to focus on reducing the damage done by HGV’s to buildings in our conservation area and the social disturbance they bring to our otherwise quiet village. The Misteron road closure in 2020 brought focus on the combination of vehicle weight and speed resulting in intollerable vibration in houses abutting the main road. Pictures moved on walls, cracks appeared in plaster and dust fell from ceilings. The immediate implementation of the 20’s plenty for HGVs brought significant results, showing that by slowing HGVs down, the vibrations were dramatically reduced. The reopening of the A356 resulted in the bulk of HGVs returning to the Crewkerne route, principally because they either have business in the town or they were coming from the west on the A30, wanting to go towards Dorchester. In which case, North Perrott is a long cut. Hopefully, upcoming surveys will identify more about the movements of HGVs in the Crewkerne area. In the meantime, NPPC intends to continue to press for slower speeds by vehicles through the village with the introduction of village gateways. A new hamstone sign has already been ordered and the wooden gateways will be constructed in the near future. The SID has now provided us with real data about peak and average speeds in different areas of the village and show that while our average speeds are lower than anticipated, they are still far higher than the 24mph that would be required to be granted an offical 20mph limit. There is plenty of work in progress.


A wonderful display of community spirit yesterday saw many homeowners on the main road join in the village tidy by cutting hedges and sweep the pavement in front of their house.

The main clear-up crew consisted of Alistair, Chris, Chris, Drew, Jonathan, Judith & Pete. Working extremely hard, between them they made short work of moving the remainder of the weeds and debris off the pavement and out of the gutters, into the road to be collected by the road sweeper.

In all, about 6m3 of debris was removed from both sides of the road and the pavements are clean, tidy and safe to walk.

Two trailer loads of debris removed from the pavement and roadsides.

Thank you to all involved and apologies if I have missed names out. We are now ready in case a Royal Entourage decides to pass through North Perrott.

Sadly, this type of work never ends. Sometime between 8pm last night and 8am this morning, two bags of garden waste was left in a layby in Willis Lane. If anyone’s gardener cleared up using Sherborne Turf dumpy bags, you might want to ask for a refund and pass us their number to clear up!?