10:15 – PRECESSION King leaves Buckingham Palace

11:00 – CORONATION at Westminster Abbey

15:00 – MANOR ARMS – BBQ and Live music with ONE FOOT IN THE GROOVE. Family entertainment, games, raffle and Royal Toast.


9:30 – CHURCH SERVICE at St.Michaels & All Angels, Haselbury. (No service at St.Michael’s)

12:00 – 16:00 – VILLAGE STREET PARTY. Bring your own picnic and drinks. Family games and Team Skittles in Church Lane..

CORONATION MUGS – Commemorative mugs will be presented to children who live in the village and are under the age of 16 on 7th May 2023.

If your child or children qualify, please make your presence known at the Street Party. (If you are away on the day, please ask in the farm shop on your return.)

Any photos or drawings that the children want to make of the day will be posted on the village website in the following week.


The Annual Village Meeting will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 2nd May at the Hoskyns Memorial Hall.

Afterwards there will be the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council at 7.30pm and immediately afterwards, a normal Bi-Monthly meeting to cover regular council business.

The Annual Village Meeting does not have an agenda and is a opportunity for anyone to discuss topics perhaps not normally covered at Council meetings. It is also an opportunity for other village groups to report on their activities to a wider audience.

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council starts with the Chairman’s report and then election and signing in of officers for the next 12 months. This is normally quite brief.

Then follows the normal Bi-monthly meeting for which the agenda was published on the Village website last week.

Eva Dilley RIP

Another sad loss for the village.

Eva was a loving Grandmother and long time resident of North Perrott and until recently an active member of the community. Often seen at Village Hall events chatting with friends new and old. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Anyone who knew Eva is welcome to join her family at her funeral, which will be at 12 noon on Thu 27 April at Yeovil Crematorium



There’s nothing like singing carols to really get everyone into a festive mood for Christmas.

This year there are two opportunities in North Perrott to clear out your wind pipes and really belt out your favourite tunes.

Everyone is welcome at both events, so lets have a good start to the festive season.

SUNDAY 18th December at 3pm, there will be a Carol Service at St.Martins Church led by Rev. Bob Keys. Mince pies etc following. (There is no nativity this year but anyone wishing to get involved next year, please contact Alison Stevens)

WEDNESDAY 21st December at 6pm, on the Village Green. Mince pies and mulled wine will be served.


A National Moment of Reflection

Those wishing to reflect on the momentous events happening at the moment and mark the selfless service of Queen Elizabeth II during her reign, are invited to gather on the village green at 7.45pm this Sunday 18th Sept.

A minute’s silence of National Reflection will be observed at 8pm followed by the National Anthem.

The Queen is dead. Long live the King!

Notification of Meetings on 16th May

Because of the local elections on 5th May, the normal bi-monthly meeting of the Parish Council has had to be delayed until tomorrow, Monday 16th May. The programme of meetings is as follows:

7.00pm – Villlage meeting – no agenda (but village groups have been invited to present an annual report)

7.30pm – Annual Meeting of NPPC – Summary of the previous year by the outgoing Chairman, swearing in of new Council members and election of officers and co-option of Councillors.

Following the Annual Meeting the first bi-monthly meeting of the new NPPC.

Download the Agenda here

View previous Minutes here

POLLING DAY – Thursday 5th May

The Village Polling Station in the Hoskyns Memorial Hall is open all today until 10pm.

If nothing else, the war in Ukraine should concentrate our minds on the value of living in a free democracy. Opinion is divided on whether voting is a right or an obligation but this is a chance to exercise our democratic right that others do not have or are having taken from them.

What are we voting for? This a local election where Parish, Town and Somerset County Councils are being elected.

COUNTY COUNCIL – Somerest is about to enter a one year transition from County Council (with Disctrict Councils below it) into a Unitary Council. The County Councillors elected today will stand for one year as County Councillors, while the Unitary Body is developed and then transfer to Unitary Councillors in 12 months time. This is an incredibly important transition that is meant to save money. Anyone involved in local governemnt will know that change often costs more money than it saves, so it is vitally important the the new council is filled with competant and hardworking people. North Perrott is in the Coker Ward. Each Ward will have two councillors, so you can put up to TWO crosses against candidates that you suppport.

PARISH COUNCIL – there were only 3 nominees for the 5 places on the North Perrott Parish Council. This means that there will be no Parish Council election in North Perrott this time round. 3 Councillors are enought to form a quarate and so the new council will meet on Monday 16th May at 7.30pm. There will be a Village Meeting immediately before that, at 7pm. Both meetings will be in the Hoskyns Memorial Hall. The Agenda and previoius minutes are available on this website.


This message is a reminder that there will be a bi-monthly meeting of North Perrott Parish Council at 7.30pm tomorrow night, Tues 1st March 2022, in the Hoskyns Memorial Hall.

While there are no longer any legal requirements surrounding Coronavirus, please make sure to observe the guidance of Hands-Face-Space while inside the village hall.

You can view the agenda by clicking here and previous minutes can also be viewed on the village website.

If you want to receive notifications and news items from the website by email, please enter your name on the home page and click on “follow”.