Humanitarian Help for Ukraine


The situation is fluid but it appears that there could be considerable delays at customs, in getting physical relief to Ukraine. James Purefoy, an actor who lives locally and is a ambassador for Action Aid ( has given Alison the following advice. Anyone wishing to support humanitarian relief in Ukraine or for Ukrainian refugees, then the fastest and most efficient way is to donate cash to a reliable disaster relief fund that his operating in the area. He suggests the Red Cross disaster relief fund

If you have already purchased goods to send to Ukraine, please try to contact Wadham and hopefully someone will have information about what they will be doing with the items already donated. There may actually still be a lorry going anyway.

Alison, our wonderful Church Warden has written the following open letter:

Dear all,

I am sure that we are all constantly thinking of all those who are in such great danger in Ukraine at present. If this is the case,  you may, I  feel, like to know that we can all help in a small way to help these poor people.

Ruth Bevan-Mogg has told me this morning that Wadham School, Crewkerne is responding to the desperate  need which is currently being suffered by many in Ukraine and particularly the women and children who are fleeing from danger, having fled with nothing but what they can carry with them.

A lorry  will be going out to Ukraine this weekend from the school to take disposable necessities to those who have emergency need of items for personal hygiene.

The items needed cover disposable things such as nappies, sanitary towels, tooth paste & tooth brushes, soap…

It is planned that the lorry will leave on Sunday, so any items which you may like to send ought to reach the school by Friday evening, to be loaded up on Saturday . ,.  However, if you can get them to me or to Ruth by Thursday evening,  March  3rd we can arrange for them to be taken in to Crewkerne.

It would be nice if we can feel that we can do something to help, so if you know of anyone else who might like to contribute to this mission of goodwill, please let them know about this.

If anyone would prefer just to donate money  we could buy something on their behalf.

With best wishes,



Level grass area suitable for
establishing a wildflower meadow.

Judith Hall has proposed to the Parish Council that the village applies to SSDC for their Wildflower Seed Giveaway and that two areas of grass in the village should be managed for wildlife.

The two areas suggested are the grass verge in Church Lane and the verge of the A3066 opposite the farm shop.

The intention is to introduce spring flowering bulbs and corms under the beech trees. Create a wildflower meadow on the level grass area and hopefully manage the tree stump area to reduce the docks and nettles and replace them with perennial wildflowers.

The roadside verge, where the village has previously established daffodils, it is intended to reintroduce perennial wildflowers in the upper 2/3rds of the grass bank to greatly broaden the number of species along the roadside.

Spring bulbs and corms under the
beech trees.
Tree stump area suitable for perennial
wildflowers although established docks
and nettles will need to be controlled
The upper 2/3rds of the roadside
verge of the A3066 opposite the
farm shop

Volunteers are welcome to contact Judith on 78009. Help will shortly be required to sow seeds and transplant seedlings into plugs. Sowing seeds directly into the ground will follow and planting plugs into their final location will happen later in the spring. If you have room for even one seed tray in your greenhouse or conservatory, you can get involved and be part of helping to improve the wildlife in our village.

More news and updates will be provided here in the coming weeks.


This message is a reminder that there will be a bi-monthly meeting of North Perrott Parish Council at 7.30pm tomorrow night, Tues 1st March 2022, in the Hoskyns Memorial Hall.

While there are no longer any legal requirements surrounding Coronavirus, please make sure to observe the guidance of Hands-Face-Space while inside the village hall.

You can view the agenda by clicking here and previous minutes can also be viewed on the village website.

If you want to receive notifications and news items from the website by email, please enter your name on the home page and click on “follow”.


Installed on 27th February by

North Perrott’s much anticipated SID was finally installed on Sunday 27th Feb 2022. Delays had been caused by a general lack of silicon “chips” that are the programable component of all computers.

The SID is owned and serviced by North Perrott Parish Council and will be used in conjunction and in support of the already well established Community Speed Watch group (CSW). The SID will enable 24/7 collection of data including speed, date, time and location. Unlike the CSW group or traffic cameras, it does not collect any personal information, such as number plates or photographs. It is a valuable extension of our “HGV’s 20 is plenty” campaign, which was started in November 2020 and it is hoped that as well as reducing average speeds of vehicles through the village, it will also help target persistent offenders, enabling the CSW to identify times of peak offences.


We are deeply indebted to A H Warren Trust (Coombe Farm) and Hilton Herbs, who are the main sponsors of our village SID. Both companies have been active in the village for many years and both also hold the safety of horse riders close to their hearts. NPPC is grateful for their generous donations.

In total, £1,300 was raised through donations towards the total cost of hardware and training, which was in total, a little over £3,000. The balance was met by North Perrott Parish Council, which is funded by our community via an annual precept. Valued donations were also received from Perrott Hill School, North Perrott Farm Shop, Holy Cow Organic and The Old Rectory B&B.

It is hoped that these generous donations will be a valuable contribution to keeping our village safer for the future and improving the quality of life for our community, especially pedestrians, horse riders, people with houses directly adjacent to the road and all road users.

Anyone wishing to support the speed safety campaign in North Perrott can do so by donating their time to the CSW group or money toward the future upkeep of the SID. (EDIT: Many thanks to Mr M. Findlay for his generous donation towards the future upkeep)


There are rules on the use of SIDs by Parish Councils and Somerset Highways Authority have clear guidelines based on data collected nationwide. It has been proven that the effectiveness of static SIDs for slowing traffic is diluted over time and so Highways have two major stipulations. Firstly, a mobile SID can only remain in one position for a maximum of two weeks and secondly, that it cannot return within 6 weeks. This means that a minimum of 4 positions are required to fulfill this criteria. This will mean that the SID will be placed at both ends of the village and to protect the Village Green and the junction of Willis Lane, each in turn. This covers the 4 most hazardous areas in the village. The Village Green and Willis Lane can be detected from two different directions, so theoretically, there are 6 useful positions in the village.

The Induction of our New Rector

On Thursday 13th January 2022 at a service led by the Bishop of Taunton, Ruth Worsley and Archdeacon Simon Hill, Rev Christopher James Davis was inducted as the Rector of the Wulfric Benefice.

Christopher, more commonly know as “CJ” and his wife Mary, will be living in the Vicarage in North Street, Crewkerne. Following the retirement of Jonathan Morris, our new Rector will have the ultimate responsibility for all of the parishes within the Wulfric Benefice including Crewkerne, Hewish, Haselbury Plucknett, North Perrott, Misterton and Wayford. This is no small task and he will being supported by retired clergy, Church Wardens, members of the Parochial Church Councils and many other volunteers. We look forward to meeting him at regular community and worship gatherings around the Benefice and particularly those that take place in North Perrott.

Ruth Worsley, Bishop of Taunton and Christoper “CJ” Davis, the new Rector of the Wulfric Benefice. (Photo credit: Jeff Hutson 2022)
CJ enters St. Bartholomew’s flanked by Rosemary, Church Warden from his previous Parish and Jonathan, Patron of the Wulfric Benefice. (Photo credit: Jeff Hutson 2022)
Bishop Ruth blesses “CJ” during his induction service. Archdeacon Simon Hill is in attendance. (Photo credit: Jeff Hutson 2022)
(Photo credit: Jeff Hutson 2022)

Local Council Elections 2022

In the normal course of events, the next round of Town and Parish and Council elections
would be due to take place in May 2023. However, due to the recent decision made by the
Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, the Town and Parish Council
elections will be brought forward to 5 May 2022 so that they align with the Somerset unitary
council elections.

If you live or work in the Parish of North Perrott you might want to take a small part in the administrative affairs of your community? There are a number of community groups and committees in the village that require voluntary input to allow them to function and contribute to village life. As well as the Parish Council, there are voluntary groups that manage the Hoskyns Memorial Hall, the Cricket Club and the Parochial Church Council for St.Martins. As well as committee members, all these groups need occasional volunteers for fundraising or events, so your level of commitment can be as large or as small as you like.

However, Parish elections are normally every five years and so if you feel you want to put your name forward for election on 5th May, please start to think about it sooner rather than later. There is plenty of historic information about Parish Council work on our website and please contact the Parish Clerk or any or all of our existing councillors to get an idea of the level of commitment involved.

When the time comes, a link to the correct forms will be posted on this website.


This message is a reminder that there will be a bi-monthly meeting of North Perrott Parish Council at 7.30pm tonight, Tues 4th Jan 2022, in the Hoskyns Memorial Hall.

In view of the current high levels of Corona virus, all attendees are requested to take a lateral flow test today (Tuesday 4th Jan) and only attend if they are negative. Masks will be worn inside the Hall and social distancing observed.

You can view the agenda by clicking here and previous minutes can also be viewed on the village website.

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Please come and join us for our annual New Years Day walk starting on the village green at 10.30am. The walk will be led by PIP & ANGIE OXENBURY and  there will be a half way break  refreshments at the Cricket Club. The general idea is that everyone arrives at the MANOR ARMS afterwards in the region of 1pm for complementary snacks &  compulsory good humour,  washed down with a pint or two of amber nectar.



Any queries ring the pub. on 01460 72901 or LIZ on 01460 77593 or Anwen at Fruit Farm on 01460 77090.

Wessex Internet

At last! High Speed Broadband is finally coming to North Perrott.

I have had a very constructive meeting with Wessex Internet, who have a contract to supply super-fast broadband to rural communities in Devon & Somerset. It is their intention to install a fibre connection to every household in North Perrott, (north of the railway line), in the summer of 2022, possibly starting as soon as May.

These are early days but you can find out more about their contracts and installation on their website by clicking here.

On their website you can register your interest in using them as your supplier of broadband. This will help them identify you for future contact and assist in them assessing demand.

Wessex Internet have a novel solution to rural internet connections and instead of using existing infrastructure, which can involve huge costs of digging up roads and pavements, they take the shortest route across farmland, burying the fibre cable 90cm underground with minimal ground disturbance. This means it is more likely that your connection will come from the rear of your dwelling, especially if it backs onto farmland.

I have made more enquiries about costs but at the moment, it sounds as if connection costs may be part of the government contract, although their website states that all properties are subject to a £49 activation fee. I will post more information here at a later date.

It is likely that most home and business owners will be contacted over the next few weeks, especially if you own a field, paddock or large garden that might be part of the main cable route. In this case, you may qualify for a half price connection if your property is needed to access other customers.

While all properties will have the option to connect, those who decline will still have coil of cable buried outside their property in case of future need. This means that connection could be made at a later date , such as when the property changes hand. (Access to high-speed broadband is currently a strong selling point in the housing market).

At this moment, it looks as if this option for super-fast broadband will replace the earlier investigations that were made into having a community leased line.


Grey striped markings, Tomcat (possibly neutered?) slimline and youngish. Very friendly and hungry.

Currently being held at Manor Farm. Please call Judith on 01460 78009 if this sounds like your cat.