20 is Plenty for HGVs

Many villagers have noticed the increase in Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) since the 18 tonne weight limit was placed on the bridge (culvert) opposite the Globe Inn in Misterton. This has greatly increased the number of HGVs passing through the village, which is having a great impact on those whose houses directly abut the A3066 in both North Perrott and Haselbury. In particular, the speed they travel and the number of times lorries have to squeeze past each other in numerous pinch-points along the route.

A number of residents have reported that the increased numbers of lorries can be heard and felt as they pass by only metres from where they are sitting. There have been at least three reports of new cracks appearing in interior plaster-work on roadside walls. Some of these houses will have 15th Century origins and their foundations will not be up to modern standards. This means that the fabric of the buildings will be under stresses that they were never designed to withstand.

Work is scheduled to start on repairing the bridge by the Globe in early January 2021 but there is reason to believe it might be delayed because of the contractual complexity and licences that must first be obtained. There is good reason to fear that there will be protracted delays and so the Parish Council has decide to act now to prevent any potential damage to our heritage buildings that make our village worthy of its “Conservation” status.

In the first instance, we have sought permission and had it approved by Somerset County Council to launch a campaign to ask HGV drivers to voluntarily keep to 20mph while in the 30mph zone.

We want to give a clear reason for requesting drivers to do this and have decided to emphasise that we are a Conservation Area and that our 15th Century properties have little or no foundations. Speed plus weight equal vibration and so if we can reduce the speed of the lorries by over 30%, the reduction in potential damage will be reduced by much more than that.

We will also be politely asking local distribution firms to acknowledge our problems and ask them to direct their drivers accordingly. We also hope to monitor lorry speeds and write a similar letter to businesses outside our area, if their lorries are seen to be going over 20mph through the village.

There is every reason to suspect that HGV traffic will return to the A356 when the weight restriction is lifted in Misterton. The reason for this is because traffic surveys show that almost all lorries using the A3066 and A356 have a genuine reason to use those routes, any lorry dropping goods in Crewkerne will not want to come through North Perrott, which is undoubtedly a tedious and lengthy diversion for most of them. However, for the work to be done the A356 will have to be closed to all traffic for 4 weeks and in the long term, road traffic is unlikely to get any lighter. Therefore, in the January Parish Council meeting we will be discussing ways to build on our “Conservation”status and make traffic more aware of the importance of the heritage of the village and the delicate nature buildings that line the main road.

To kick off this campaign, banners will be placed at each end of the village and repeated at Townsend, to request that HGVs voluntarily reduce their speed to below 20mph. At the same time, anyone who thinks they may have damage to their property that might be caused by road traffic, to start to monitor it as soon as possible. This could be done by a professional surveyor or on a basic level, by marking any crack with a piece of masking tape placed across it and making a mark on each side. Measure the distance between the marks on a weekly basis to monitor movement in the wall.


This year Remembrance Sunday falls on the 8th November while the country will be in the second Lock-down. No more than two people can meet outdoors and so we will adapt our Act of Remembrance to fit into the current rules.

Please do not congregate at the village green at 11am where Bill and Alison Stevens will lay a wreath at the war memorial on behalf of the village.

Instead, we ask everyone who wants to take part in the Act of Remembrance to stand on their doorstep or in their gateway, just before 11am this Sunday.

At 11am precisely, the Last Post will be sounded over a public address system, that will hopefully be heard all around the village.

A two minute silence will be followed by sounding the Reveille.

The full Act of Remembrance for North Perrot is printed below:

Let us remember with gratitude those who, in the cause of peace and the service of their fellow men, died for their country in time of war, especially those from North Perrott:

G.Bishop, H.Dabinett, G.C.Elson, J. Osborne, A.G. Saint, J Saint.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.  Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning. We will remember them.

All: We will remember them

When you go home, tell them of us,And say that for your tomorrow, we gave our today

Prayer: Almighty and eternal God, from whose love in Christ we cannot be parted, either by death or life: hear our prayers and thanksgivings for all whom we remember this day, fulfill in them the purpose of they love, and bring us all, with them, to thine eternal joy; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

All: Amen.


Somerset County Council have put aside £1m in a Climate Emergency Fund that will be spent on practical projects that might help to reduce emissions, consumption, restore biodiversity and raise awareness in our county. Each Parish has been asked to consider any suitable projects in order to bid for funding between £5k and 75k. This will be an agenda item on our November meeting and any ideas should be submitted to the clerk as soon as possible so that they can be researched before and discussed at the November meeting. Application dates are 12th Nov, 1st Dec and 12th Jan 2021.

Information about the fund, what it is for and how to apply can be found here https://www.somerset.gov.uk/waste-planning-and-land/climate-emergency/somerset-climate-emergency-community-fund-2020-2021/

Bi-monthly meeting of the Parish Council.

North Perrott Parish Council will hold their scheduled meeting on Zoom at 7.30pm on Tuedsay 1st September 2020. Everyone is welcome to join in to listen and if requited, contribute to the meeting.

The agenda (including Zoom link) can be found by clicking here

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Thank you

National Village Cup

Yesterday, North Perrott Cricket Club sent Pentyrch home after a convincing win in front of a large crowd of home supporters. NPCC now go through to the quarter finals of the National Village Cup against Frocester Cricket Club, again at home next Sunday afternoon.

Looking at the Frocester Cricket Club website, they have some startling similarities to North Perrott. The village has a population of less than 200, a village pub and farm shop! Most perturbingly, it has a Cricket Club that is described on their website by Simon Jones MBE, as a “Friendly thriving club with possibly the best pavilion I’ve seen at club level”

They make no mention of a nationally recognised head groundsman or being the best ground in Gloucestershire, so North Perrott still has the bragging rights in what is expected to be a tight and hard fought match.

Sunday 30th August, 13.00 at North Perrott Cricket Club Ground, Willis Lane. Bar will be open. Social distancing rules apply.

Links – North Perrott Cricket Club / Frocester Cricket Club

Community Speed Watch Team

The CSW team has recently become active again, having been suspended during the Coronavirus lock-down.

Following retirements over recent years and lately, some volunteers moving out of the village, the group is looking to bolster it’s numbers again.

Volunteers work in pairs for one hour, maybe twice a month. It is well organised and full training is given. Feed back is managed through an area group so that information about effectiveness is shared around a wide area. There are also active groups in Haselbury and Misterton. Together, volunteers make a valuable contribution to reducing vehicle speeds in our villages and keeping the roads a little bit safer.

North Perrott Parish Council is currently fundraising to purchase a Speed Indicator Device (SID) for our village. As well as acting as a deterrent in its own right, it is hoped that the device will gather useful information about times and the speed of vehicles travelling through the village and enable the CSW team to target regular offenders.

If you would like to join or find out more about what you can do to help control the speed of cars traveling through North Perrott, please contact the scheme co-ordinator, Mrs Georgina Hoskyns 01460 72883.

New look community website

In order to keep abreast of the latest accessibility legislation for public bodies, the Parish Council has commissioned a new website under the existing domain name; http://www.northperrott.org

Without fanfare, this is a soft launch and combines essential Parish Council information with a community hub. It is hoped that all clubs, organisations and committees will contribute to making the site a village portal, while maintaing their own independent internet presence.

An example of this is the shared calendar, which organisations and the public will be encouraged to post notable village dates and events, so that there can be a feed of upcoming village events for all to see.

Please take a look and make suggestions to northppc@gmail.com and they will be considered for action.

Enid Hawes RIP

It is with much regret that I convey the sad news that Enid Hawes passed away last night, following a protracted heart condition.

For more than 25yrs, there will have been few new-comers to North Perrott who could have survived more than a few days without coming into contact with Enid.  Secretary of the Hoskyns Memorial Hall for longer than anyone can remember and a member of the Parish Council for nearly as long, Enid was involved at some level with almost all village activities.  She had recently initiated village celebrations to commemorate VE day.  This would have been (at least) the third street party that she would have overseen and sadly, because of the current restrictions, is now unlikely to take place. 

Since just before Christmas, Enid had to slow down her physical activities but still managed to fill my inbox with a stream of observations and suggestions about village life.  Sometimes forceful, always constructive, Enid didn’t only express strong views but was prepared to act out her suggestions and got things done.

It is difficult at any time to lose a valued family member but under current restrictions, it will be an extra blow that we cannot immediately celebrate Enid’s contribution to our community in an appropriate manner, .

Until that is possible, please remember Enid in your thoughts and I would like to convey sincere condolences to Samantha, Stacey, Stefan and Enid’s entire extended family, on behalf of all presently involved (and have ever been involved) in both the Hoskyns Memorial Hall management committee and the North Perrott Parish Council.

JONATHAN HOSKYNS, Chairman – North Perrott Parish Council