(See Edit below 11th Jan 2023)

A clever bit of investigation by Robson James has established that Jurassic Fibre are on our doorstep and it is they who are responsible for the traffic lights between Haselbury and North Perrott. At the moment they are in the process of laying a new Superfast fibre connection to our village.

Jurassic Fibre offer a true fibre service that can include “dedicated telephone”Homephone” if required. It is unlikely to improve your existing telephone or broadband performance, as they will fit a new fibre connection directly to your property. To benefit you will either have to wait until you can cancel your existing agreement (without penalty) or run two contracts until your existing one runs out.

You can see the different contracts on offer by clicking here and it would be a good idea to register your interest by filling in their online form. At some point soon, I assume that we will be included in their coverage and new customers will be able to sign up online?

As soon as the first properties are connected, it will be reported here so that everyone can fully understand what service is on offer and the true costs.

EDIT 11/01/2023 – The response from Jurassic Fibre currently is that “full fibre” in North Perrott is only months away. Probaby a bit soon to be standing by our beds?

Thank you for registering your interest with Jurassic Fibre 
Thank you for registering your interest with Jurassic Fibre and taking your first step to joining the South-West’s full-fibre evolution. We’re revolutionising the home online experience by routing ultrafast fibre broadband directly into your home, and we are only a few months away from your property.