Readers may remember that back in January, Wessex Internet had promised to start work in North Perrott this summer. In February, they confirmed that this was their intention and although they continue to make enquiries around the village, there is still no sign of action. In an email last week, they say that their plans have changed and they will be connecting East Chinnock and Haselbury before North Perrott. I think this means that a connection in 2022 is now unlikely and they have not replied to my enquiry about an approximate start date.

However, you may have noticed vans from Jurassic-Fibre have been parked around the village over the last few weeks. This is definately a case of no buses for ages and then two arrive at the same time!

If you are interested in superfast broadband, please register your interest on both websites and the fastest company to the village will win!



Both companies have slightly different pricing structures that can be viewed on their websites.

The basic package from Wessex Internet is £30 per month for 100mbps and Jurassic-Fibre is £35 per month for 150mbps. However, Jurassic-Fibre have an introductory offer of just £20 per month for the first 12 months.

It seems crazy that two companies are independantly vying to install fibre in North Perrott when there is already a dedicated connection here. However, Jurassic-Fibre appears to be able to use the BT infrastructure, while Wessex Internet is laying it’s own cables underground. Having a bit of competition might speeds things up.

You can register your interestest with both companies by entering your postcode on their website…….PLEASE!