Level grass area suitable for
establishing a wildflower meadow.

Judith Hall has proposed to the Parish Council that the village applies to SSDC for their Wildflower Seed Giveaway and that two areas of grass in the village should be managed for wildlife.

The two areas suggested are the grass verge in Church Lane and the verge of the A3066 opposite the farm shop.

The intention is to introduce spring flowering bulbs and corms under the beech trees. Create a wildflower meadow on the level grass area and hopefully manage the tree stump area to reduce the docks and nettles and replace them with perennial wildflowers.

The roadside verge, where the village has previously established daffodils, it is intended to reintroduce perennial wildflowers in the upper 2/3rds of the grass bank to greatly broaden the number of species along the roadside.

Spring bulbs and corms under the
beech trees.
Tree stump area suitable for perennial
wildflowers although established docks
and nettles will need to be controlled
The upper 2/3rds of the roadside
verge of the A3066 opposite the
farm shop

Volunteers are welcome to contact Judith on 78009. Help will shortly be required to sow seeds and transplant seedlings into plugs. Sowing seeds directly into the ground will follow and planting plugs into their final location will happen later in the spring. If you have room for even one seed tray in your greenhouse or conservatory, you can get involved and be part of helping to improve the wildlife in our village.

More news and updates will be provided here in the coming weeks.