Humanitarian Help for Ukraine


The situation is fluid but it appears that there could be considerable delays at customs, in getting physical relief to Ukraine. James Purefoy, an actor who lives locally and is a ambassador for Action Aid ( has given Alison the following advice. Anyone wishing to support humanitarian relief in Ukraine or for Ukrainian refugees, then the fastest and most efficient way is to donate cash to a reliable disaster relief fund that his operating in the area. He suggests the Red Cross disaster relief fund

If you have already purchased goods to send to Ukraine, please try to contact Wadham and hopefully someone will have information about what they will be doing with the items already donated. There may actually still be a lorry going anyway.

Alison, our wonderful Church Warden has written the following open letter:

Dear all,

I am sure that we are all constantly thinking of all those who are in such great danger in Ukraine at present. If this is the case,  you may, I  feel, like to know that we can all help in a small way to help these poor people.

Ruth Bevan-Mogg has told me this morning that Wadham School, Crewkerne is responding to the desperate  need which is currently being suffered by many in Ukraine and particularly the women and children who are fleeing from danger, having fled with nothing but what they can carry with them.

A lorry  will be going out to Ukraine this weekend from the school to take disposable necessities to those who have emergency need of items for personal hygiene.

The items needed cover disposable things such as nappies, sanitary towels, tooth paste & tooth brushes, soap…

It is planned that the lorry will leave on Sunday, so any items which you may like to send ought to reach the school by Friday evening, to be loaded up on Saturday . ,.  However, if you can get them to me or to Ruth by Thursday evening,  March  3rd we can arrange for them to be taken in to Crewkerne.

It would be nice if we can feel that we can do something to help, so if you know of anyone else who might like to contribute to this mission of goodwill, please let them know about this.

If anyone would prefer just to donate money  we could buy something on their behalf.

With best wishes,