Wessex Internet

At last! High Speed Broadband is finally coming to North Perrott.

I have had a very constructive meeting with Wessex Internet, who have a contract to supply super-fast broadband to rural communities in Devon & Somerset. It is their intention to install a fibre connection to every household in North Perrott, (north of the railway line), in the summer of 2022, possibly starting as soon as May.

These are early days but you can find out more about their contracts and installation on their website by clicking here.

On their website you can register your interest in using them as your supplier of broadband. This will help them identify you for future contact and assist in them assessing demand.

Wessex Internet have a novel solution to rural internet connections and instead of using existing infrastructure, which can involve huge costs of digging up roads and pavements, they take the shortest route across farmland, burying the fibre cable 90cm underground with minimal ground disturbance. This means it is more likely that your connection will come from the rear of your dwelling, especially if it backs onto farmland.

I have made more enquiries about costs but at the moment, it sounds as if connection costs may be part of the government contract, although their website states that all properties are subject to a £49 activation fee. I will post more information here at a later date.

It is likely that most home and business owners will be contacted over the next few weeks, especially if you own a field, paddock or large garden that might be part of the main cable route. In this case, you may qualify for a half price connection if your property is needed to access other customers.

While all properties will have the option to connect, those who decline will still have coil of cable buried outside their property in case of future need. This means that connection could be made at a later date , such as when the property changes hand. (Access to high-speed broadband is currently a strong selling point in the housing market).

At this moment, it looks as if this option for super-fast broadband will replace the earlier investigations that were made into having a community leased line.