Angus Pigott moved into Eastfield House with his wife and three young children in 2019. In 2020 we went into lock-down and like many people who are self employed, his work as a professional photographer pretty much dried up.

In May last year, he posted a message though doors around the village, asking politely if people would like him to capture that strange moment in time for prosperity.

The photos that he took are now on his smugmug website and available for all to view. For anyone who remembers that strange time, shortly after the first (and strictest) lock-down, when we were mostly confined to contact with only our direct family, within the four walls that we call home. In North Perrott, we were far luckier than some, in that we all have gardens to enjoy and when the weather allowed, incarceration was a far less of a hardship than for those living in towns or city centres.

I doubt many would disagree that Angus has captured the character of his subjects and whether as couples, singles or outside their work place, his photos reflect that surreal time last summer.

You can view Angus’s photos by clicking here.