UPDATED 08:00 26/08/21 – Resurfacing is now complete and the road is now open. Please drive slowly while there is loose grit on the road. Thank you.

UPDATED 08:45 25/08/21 – No sign that work has started yet and the road remains open. The next update will be as soon as we know the direction of work and the level of disturbance to traffic through the village.

UPDATED 15:15 24/08/21 – Cllr Mark Keating has contacted me to say that work is currently scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 25th August.

UPDATED 11.30 23/08/21 – Signs are being placed out at the moment. Workmen say that re-surfacing will not be happening today. The next update will be when the situation changes.

Please be aware that the main road (A3066) is scheduled for re-surfacing (re-sealing) this week and the signs indicate that the road will be closed for one day, while the work is being undertaken.

There is no further information on the Somerset County Council website at this moment and so the first we know more details about this may be when the road sweepers arrive.

Further information will be posted here when it is available. The job will be done relatively quickly and although the road between the villages of North Perrott and Haselbury may be closed for most of the day, residents should be able to leave the village from at least one direction.

The area of the road to be re-sealed is from the yellow road markings at the top of the village green in North Perrott to just our side of the village green at Haselbury.

Up to the minute information can be obtained by calling 01823 38291 except that it is on an answerphone this morning!