Village Tidy-Up Day

A big thank you to those who turned out for the Village Tidy-up on Sunday.  Despite short notice, a baking sun, and our ongoing lockdown status we still managed to smarten up the village and enjoy a pint afterwards

The fact of the matter is that the village has a secret group of very energetic  litter pickers who regularly whisk away the cigarette butts and discarded plastic bottles on their daily walks….Thanks to them Sunday’s haul was a mere two bags. But the Tidy-up team set about with bucket and broom to cut back the foliage and scrub down the algae infested road signs and report any damage that needs fixing, which will keep our roads safer. Motorist beware, no excuses now for ignoring the speed limits the signs in the village are all legible.

Thanks also to the Manor Arms whose doors opened just as we were packing up our equipment, and the Chair of the Parish Council who stood us all a pint, so we could enjoy the beer in the sunshine. (Entirely within Covid regulations).

So having listened to everyone’s views I had the impression we should schedule Village Tidy Ups somewhere around May and October (but they might be the worse time for you) in the future….It would be ideal to do it just after verges have been cut but as that is unpredictable and everyone complained particularly loudly about not enough warning I am not sure there is a way of working around that.

Best wishes, Helen Sturridge.

PS. If anyone took some “Team” photos, and is willing to post them here, please use the Contact page to let us know.