Community Speed Watch Team

The CSW team has recently become active again, having been suspended during the Coronavirus lock-down.

Following retirements over recent years and lately, some volunteers moving out of the village, the group is looking to bolster it’s numbers again.

Volunteers work in pairs for one hour, maybe twice a month. It is well organised and full training is given. Feed back is managed through an area group so that information about effectiveness is shared around a wide area. There are also active groups in Haselbury and Misterton. Together, volunteers make a valuable contribution to reducing vehicle speeds in our villages and keeping the roads a little bit safer.

North Perrott Parish Council is currently fundraising to purchase a Speed Indicator Device (SID) for our village. As well as acting as a deterrent in its own right, it is hoped that the device will gather useful information about times and the speed of vehicles travelling through the village and enable the CSW team to target regular offenders.

If you would like to join or find out more about what you can do to help control the speed of cars traveling through North Perrott, please contact the scheme co-ordinator, Mrs Georgina Hoskyns 01460 72883.